Plastic Surgery Bangkok

Plastic Surgery in Bangkok We perform all the usual plastic and cosmetic surgeries. We also have a large skin department and dental center. Right now we have some excellent package deals for plastic surgery SEE PLASTIC SURGERY PACKAGES FOR BANGKOK. Our most popular procedures are: breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction, facelift and tummy tuck. Get Your Free Brochure with the latest deals.

We offer free evaluation to all clients who send in their pictures.

Fill out our online form with attached clear pictures of the areas you wish to operate, and our surgeon will give you his or her recommendation.

Why Plastic Surgery in Bangkok, Thailand?

  • When you have your plastic surgery Bangkok with us, you will have your treatment in a large international hospital. You will have our skilled surgeon and doctor team working with you. Our team has many thousand plastic surgeries in experience. Having your procedure in a large hospitals is a lot safer than having surgery in a small clinic.
  • It’s not scary – your surgeon and international staff speak English, it’s easy to get around, everyone’s friendly – and we are here to help too
  • Our partner surgeons are highly trained, experienced board certified Plastic Surgeons who have conducted 1,000s of procedures just like yours. With Destination Beauty you will never have lesser qualified cosmetic surgeons working on you.

Why TRIA Destination Beauty?

  • We are one of Thailand’s largest plastic surgery centers, with beautiful facilities of a Luxury Spa
  • Our prices are affordable and you can see all the prices here: Bangkok Plastic Surgery Cost
  • At TRIA Destination Beauty we work directly with you, in person, every step of the way
  • Our surgeons are highly qualified & skilled, and the hospitals are safe, modern, international and highly professional
  • Our FREE service charges you absolutely nothing for our help, and with the money you safe, you can pay for a vacation in Thailand AND your surgery